Your Springboard to a Successful Future

We are keen to win talented young people for Pilatus! Our wide-ranging training programmes will give you an in-depth insight into the aviation industry. Start your career with us in a varied and exciting environment. Our internship or trainee programme offers an opportunity to see the key aspects of your chosen area. After opting for a specialism, you can then consider further career development at Pilatus.

Availability is posted here at this website and is also notified to partner universities.


Bachelor/Master Theses

We do not have any current opportunities for Bachelor or Master theses. Available thesis opportunities are posted on our website.

Examples of success

Good Training Pays Off!

A trainee programme or an internship at Pilatus will open the door on a wide choice of career opportunities!

“Started out as an engineering trainee at Pilatus, is now a Flight Test Engineer”