Crew Training

Pilot & Ground Crew Training

Pilatus training courses are renowned for their quality and, in particular, for the high degree of hands-on aircraft training. Our instructors are professionals with many years’ experience across all areas of the aviation industry. As representatives of the actual manufacturer, they have the best possible detailed and first-hand knowledge of Pilatus aircraft, systems and procedures. The course and all course documents are in English.

Courses are held at different locations depending on aircraft type, with some courses provided by our international training partner organisations, FlightSafety International and SIMCOM. All training organisations operate modern training centres, including classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art presentation technology. Training is reinforced with specially developed tools such as computer-based modules, aircraft models and simulators.

Pilot Training

The pilot training provided by our specialists is designed to ensure that all systems and processes are used and mastered in line with the manufacturer’s original development ideas and intentions.
This ensures safe handling in every area and phase of flight.

Pilot Ground Training and Flight Training

Pilot ground training introduces the pilot to the aircraft systems, avionics, structural limitations, performance data and weight-and-balance calculations, familiarising him or her with the procedures for normal operations and emergency situations. Computer-aided training systems facilitate the learning process.

During subsequent flight training, the instructor will verify that the pilot is actually capable of managing the aircraft safely in every situation. Depending on aircraft type, training takes place on a fully realistic simulator and/or in the customer’s aircraft.

Ground Crew Training

Ground crew training courses introduce maintenance personnel to the aircraft systems and related components and ensure the acquisition of a broader knowledge base. Participants are trained to check aircraft systems and rectify faults promptly and efficiently. Much of the training takes place in a “hands-on” environment directly on the aircraft.


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