Story 07.03.2019

Performance – A PC-12 NG Joins a Car-Racing Team

Dr. Andreas Baenziger and Dr. Florian Kamelger are more than just good friends. Both are doctors, entrepreneurs, active racing drivers, managers of a motorsports team – and owners of a PC-12 NG. Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

Andreas Baenziger and Florian Kamelger are both specialists in orthopaedics and trauma surgery. One of their joint companies focuses on all aspects of medicine to do with the human musculoskeletal system, designing integrated solutions for treating illness and injury in this field. Both have repeatedly developed concepts to enable patients to remain mobile or regain their mobility as soon as possible. Mobility also plays an important role outside their immediate sphere of work. Both are fans of British sports cars – and at some point, a shared hobby became active participation in motorsports.

Speed on the ground and in the air

Andreas Baenziger and Florian Kamelger have always had a weakness for Aston Martin. In 2010 they became co-owners and managers of Aston Martin St. Gallen, the only Aston Martin dealership in Switzerland. They also operate their own racing team, R-Motorsport. Setting up this team was the fulfilment of another dream for the pair.

The races take place on an international stage, and the R-Motorsport team obviously has to show up on time to every event. In 2016 they decided to purchase their own brand-new aircraft – a PC-12 NG. “The PC-12 NG is ideal for our mission profile: many race courses are located close to small airports which a PC-12 NG can use with no problem at all”, explains Andreas Baenziger with some pride.

Arrive fast – get home even quicker!

The two doctors spent a lot of time using scheduled flights and chauffeured car before opting for the PC-12 NG. And they recall many occasions when they had to stay overnight at the race venue, having missed the last flight home. “The PC-12 NG allows us to squeeze the maximum out of the day, with meetings and discussions on site, knowing that we can look forward to spending the evening at home with the family”, they explain, both agreeing that for them, this is by far the biggest benefit of their new means of travel.

Compared to travelling on a scheduled flight, the single-engine turboprop PC-12 NG offers even more advantages: “The big plus for us is arriving at our destination, and home again, feeling relaxed and well prepared. The PC-12 NG also allows us to enjoy one of our most important and priceless assets to the full: our free time.” Both Andreas Baenziger and Florian Kamelger are family men and enjoy spending time at home.

The PC-12 NG is hangared at St. Gallen-Altenrhein airport, just a stone’s throw from home and work. “There’s a great family atmosphere at the airport, everyone knows everyone, and everybody is happy to help out. In spite of strict regulations, the task of loading material and boarding our personnel is always fast and relatively simple. We’re delighted how the PC-12 NG gets us to our race meetings in minimum time”, explains Florian Kamelger.

Performance comes first

Looking at the highlights punctuating the careers of Dr. Baenziger and Dr. Kamelger, there appear to be few points in common at first glance: medicine, motorsport, Aston Martin St. Gallen and aviation. And yet for the two entrepreneurs, all these activities build seamlessly on one another: “We have only one motto and it applies to everything, all the time: performance. No matter whether we’re talking about patients, sports cars or our own company. Everyone on the team has to do their bit to ensure we deliver the required performance on every occasion”, explain Baenziger and Kamelger, outlining the secret of their success.