Message 20.05.2020

First Austrian AOC – Closer to Your Destination With Goldeck-Flug

Goldeck-Flug has been a player in Austrian business aviation for many years. The company is currently modernizing its fleet and expanding its business model. Pilatus aircraft play a key role in this. Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

Goldeck-Flug has operated in the executive and private aviation sector for the past 29 years. The current fleet of four aircraft and one helicopter is used for passenger transport operations. Goldeck-Flug has offices in Vienna, Wiener Neustadt and Klagenfurt and employs a workforce of 31.

Repositioning underway with a new PC-12 NG

Gerald Horn-Sachernegg and Marcel Seybal, both experienced pilots, took over the management of the company in 2019 and immediately made a start on repositioning the business. “Adding a new PC-12 NG to our fleet in January 2019 put us in a good position to offer our customers genuine added value: the PC-12 NG is designed for use on very short and even unpaved runways. Comfortable seating, a practical interior and the convenience of in-flight access to the baggage compartment are just some of the many advantages of the PC-12 NG”, explains CEO Gerald Horn-Sachernegg.

In the meantime, Goldeck-Flug has collected a second brand-new PC-12 NG from Stans and successfully integrated it within the company’s existing flight operations. Both Goldeck-Flug PC-12 NGs are painted with an attractive classic livery featuring a golden “G”.

First aviation enterprise in Austria to operate the PC-12 NG on a commercial basis

On 11 November 2019, after lengthy and careful preparations, Goldeck-Flug received an “Air Operator’s Certificate” from Austro Control, the Austrian aviation authority. The AOC confers approval for commercial air transport operations using the PC-12 NG.

CEO Gerald Horn-Sachernegg, COO Marcel Seybal and CFO Christoph Mosser are delighted. “We’re the first aviation company in Austria to offer this Swiss knife amongst aircraft for commercial operations on our own AOC. Thanks to the PC-12 NG’s operating flexibility and its outstanding efficiency in particular, we can save time for our customers by flying them closer to their final destination. That’s what it’s all about in private aviation. We’re proud of our excellent relations with Austro Control – one of the few European authorities to actively support this innovative approach to commercial air transport using single-engine aircraft.”

Air Alliance, the Authorised Pilatus Centre for Austria, is also delighted to see a customer obtain an AOC from Austro Control. “It’s another milestone towards the development of commercial single-engine turboprop operations under instrument flight rules (CAT SET-IMC) in Europe and sends a strong signal to the Austrian market. We congratulate Goldeck-Flug and are confident the many advantages of the PC-12 NG will ensure they are very successful”, comments Georg Müller-Breuer, Sales Manager at Air Alliance.

First PC-24 in early 2021

The company reorientation is designed to place commitment to service firmly in the foreground. As Gerald Horn-Sachernegg states with typical Austrian charm: “We offer passengers a fantastic total package of outstanding service and state-of-the-art technology.” That same commitment also prompted Goldeck-Flug to opt for the new business jet supplied by Pilatus: Goldeck-Flug will be the first and sole Austrian operator to offer the PC-24 from the first quarter of 2021.

Expanded services

With effect from this year, Goldeck-Flug will also offer customers the first Austrian “private shared ownership” programme with an opportunity to acquire shares in the company’s three newest aircraft, including the PC-12 NG and the PC-24. Gerald Horn-Sachernegg explains: “Private shared ownership is the perfect solution for worry-free ownership. It allows owners to forget the hassle of organisation, operation, maintenance and availability – and just fly!” With expanded services and new Pilatus aircraft, Goldeck-Flug is set to take off into what looks like a very promising future.