Message 23.09.2021

SummerBio – Back to School

PC-12 operator SummerBio is the developer of an innovative services, which has already benefitted over two million schoolchildren in the USA. Actively supported by the PC-12, this diagnostics company from california illustrates how new and creative business concepts can be implemented. Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

Back to the Classroom at Last!

Last Year, virtual schooling has brought significant challenges in terms of learning and social development for schoolchildren, not to mention stress and logistical problems for teachers and parents. Without an approved vaccine for minors at that time, attention turned to finding an effective, fast way of performing Covid testing to enable students to return to school.

Despite or Because of COVID?

SummerBio is a start-up based in Menlo Park, California. lt was founded primarily in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The company operates a highly automated diagnostic laboratory to provide fast processing of PCR tests. Using its own testing equipment, SummerBio can simultaneously handle hundreds of samples and over 50 000 tests a day. Registration is done via a mobile app and an individual QR code. The results are delivered by email or SMS within 24 hours.

The PC-12 Incredibly Cool

Ben Hochman, chief pilot at SummerBio, evaluated numerous turboprops With his work colleagues. They chose the PC-12 for its high useful Ioad and spacious cabin. These features offer the diagnostics company maximum flexibility for transporting their employees and test samples. 100 percent reliability is non-negotiable - that, too, was an important factor in the final choice of aircraft. "The PC-12 is not only perfect for our mission profile, it's also incredibly cool!", adds Hochman.

SummerBio's turboprop will fly approximately 1200 hours this year - and has already performed extremely well. "lt has exceeded our expectations. The huge cargo door makes Ioading a breeze. At the same time, our employees can sit comfortably in the generous cabin", comments Hochman. A typical work day for the Pilots includes at least two transport flights With distances of over 1000 kilometres per flight.

Saving Lives Thanks to Pilatus

Asked about the partnership between the Authorised Pilatus Service Centre and the start-up With its unusual business idea, Ben Hochman has only praise. "We would like to thank the entire Pilatus family in Switzerland and the USA. You built the absolute best aircraft! In doing so, you have also made an important contribution to reducing the spread of the Virus and saving lives."

Ongoing Innovation

SummerBio is currently focused entirely on the fight against Covid-19. Once the pandemic is under control, it will continue With further development of technologies and processes. Deployments in the areas of precision medicine and oncology are in the pipeline. Dave Scheinmann, president and co-founder of SummerBio adds confidently: "We look forward to having Pilatus by our side as an important partner in the future, helping us to explore the potential in this sector."