Over-Engineered – and Proud of It

At the heart of Pilatus inspiration lies the Pilatus Research and Development unit. This superbly skilled team of over 300 engineers is tasked with the support of the current fleet and creation of the next great aircraft, whether it is a brand new clean sheet design or advancements to the current range. True to the heritage of Pilatus, these “great aircraft” are not just brilliant in performance or beauty, but brilliant for customers in a practical application.

To engage this challenge, our engineers utilise the latest in aerospace design tools, such as CAX, PDM, digital mock-up computational fluid dynamics, structural dynamic analysis, virtual avionics prototyping systems, 3D printing and flight simulation.

Being World Leader Is Our Focus

Pilatus engineering applies all these advanced resources to the development of new aircraft types: From the initial concept study through to the design, prototype, flight test and certification phases, until the final stages when the project is ready for handover to Pilatus production. All of this takes place under the control of one dedicated organisation. The result is clear that Pilatus is truly a world leader in our focus: the manufacture and after-market support of our aircraft.

The “Design Organisation Approval” provides formal confirmation of Pilatus Engineering skills. It authorises Pilatus to carry out numerous certification activities for new aircraft, aircraft parts and systems under the watchful eye of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


Pilatus Means High-Tech

To develop a reputation such as ours – one of over-engineered precision and consistently on-time delivery – you must have all the core skills at hand to constantly review and optimise the elaborate processes and timelines that go into aircraft production.

In support of this, our manufacturing group has developed a wide range of core competencies, including complex milling, sheet metal working and production of high-end carbon fibre elements, allowing us to manufacture most of our own components. This in turn enhances coordination and collaboration between engineering and manufacturing, improving both the precision and the efficiency of our solutions. In brief, such total control brings total solutions tailored closely to customer requirements.

In addition to component manufacturing for Pilatus aircraft, the Manufacturing unit also provides innovative solutions for external clients.

Quality & Safety

A Must-Have in Aviation

Safety comes first at Pilatus, always. Hundreds of passengers and pilots use our aircraft on a daily basis. Happy to place their confidence in our products, they trust us to get them to their destination in safety. The Pilatus name reflects values such as dependability, Swiss quality and performance. Over and above these qualities, safety will always have top priority at Pilatus. And we know: optimum safety can only be achieved with products of exceptional quality.

The requirements met by our employees and products are documented by industry-specific certificates and awards, including EN/AS 9100, the highest certification for an international aircraft manufacturing outfit. It covers quality management systems in the aviation industry, and is an extension to the ISO 9001 certification already acquired by Pilatus.

Hand in hand with our first-class quality and adherence to deadlines, these certificates ensure Pilatus enjoys an excellent reputation. Whilst Pilatus is naturally proud of these certificates, and of the confidence accorded by other industry players, recognition is not the driving force behind our efforts. Our goal is to help ensure the continuation of a national heritage – a concept for success which has become familiar around the world as “Swiss Made”, signifying cutting-edge technology combined with precision craftsmanship.

And whereas the “Swiss Made” label is nice to have on a watch, it becomes a must-have in the world of air transport safety.