Message 09.03.2021

Young Talents – The Backbone of Pilatus

Scarcely a day goes by without confirmation of the importance of training, and apprentice training in particular, in safeguarding our future. Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

Training allows young people to develop, encouraging them to explore their limits and better understand the world in which we live. There would be no products or services without training, no innovation or development – in short, no Pilatus. Training has always been the subject of careful reflection and targeted action at Pilatus.

A Training Company for Almost 80 Years

Apprentice training enjoys a long and successful tradition here at Pilatus. The first apprentices embarked on their training in 1941, hardly two years after the company was founded. Over 1,450 apprentices have been successfully trained in the intervening period of almost 80 years.

Although quite normal and natural to us here in Switzerland, many countries envy us our system of vocational training, especially in these difficult economic times. Investment in sound, well-functioning apprentice training always pays because it enables trainees to undertake a variety of tasks across the company, generating added value after just a short time.

Apprentices Contribute Many Positive Things

Apprentices are no cheap source of labour for Pilatus, but vocational training is definitely a worthwhile investment as long as the cost-benefit ratio is positive, there is enough work for apprentices and a sufficient number of skilled staff for supervisory tasks. Apprentices who train with Pilatus come to identify with the company. They inject new impetus and contribute information obtained at vocational school and during introductory courses. They have their finger on the pulse of time, they are familiar with the trends adopted by the young generation, the trends that will shape the future. Young adults tend to be creative and open-minded about new things, not afraid to put forward unconventional ideas and suggestions. Apprentices also help ensure a good climate at work and a balanced age structure. Young people have always been an important part of Pilatus culture.

Apprentice training also makes sense from a business point of view. During the early phase the company invests in the young people. With that successfully completed, the company can start to harvest the fruits of this first phase. Pilatus apprentices are almost always offered temporary or permanent employment. We are very lucky to have been able to offer immediate follow-on employment to virtually all our apprentices, even in this very difficult year 2020.

Once Pilatus – Always Pilatus

Over 250 of our employees initially trained at Pilatus and either stayed on or came back to us after a spell elsewhere. Pilatus is particularly proud of ex-apprentices who return with memories of a challenging but very satisfying training period, hoping for a second start in a new function.

Training for young professionals is an essential aspect of securing the future, and everyone involved drives that vision forward on a daily basis, aware that employees who were once apprentices form the backbone of a successful Pilatus, now and in the future.

Apprentice Training at Pilatus

Pilatus currently provides training for 135 apprentices in twelve professions – over a period of three or four years. Twelve specialist trainers and some 200 practical instructors take care of dispensing day-to-day training to our future professionals. Besides providing our young adults with the necessary specialist know-how, those responsible for training at Pilatus also cultivate social skills and personal responsibility. They promote character development and ensure trainees get off to a successful career start. In this respect, careful and serious selection of future trainees is very important. Correctly assessing the personality and ability of each apprentice delivers the basis for successful training.